Abitex is specialised in the production and marketing of eco-leathers and fire-retardant fabrics, which has recently emerged in the contract and naval sectors thanks to investments in machinery, skills and research. The idea behind the Abitex mission is to identify the most environmentally-friendly production methods, observing nature and its processes to obtain technologically improved products and make natural yarns fireproof in the most ecological way possible.

A few months ago, ABITEX launched the Teraskin® product, an innovative, eco-friendly, recyclable, non-toxic, fire, stain and surface disinfectant based synthetic leather. Particularly suitable for kindergartens, schools, children's play areas in the facilities, but also hospitals and care homes for the elderly.

For its resistance to surface disinfectants, OETI has awarded the INSPECTED QUALITY mark to the Teraskin®! This means that the Teraskin® product has been treated with various active ingredients of the most widely used disinfectant products. It was then subjected to various physical tests. Teraskin® passed all the tests with excellent results.

INSPECTED QUALITY is the quality mark developed by OETI for products, services, manufacturing processes and production sites. It includes half a century of OETI test know-how. Both business partners and consumers can rely on the safety of the quality standard.

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