OETI’s Horizontal Notifications

By decision of 22nd of September 2017 OETI is the first horizontal notified laboratory in Austria to carry out emission tests on construction products in accordance with CEN/TS 16516 (Construction products - Evaluation of the release of hazardous substances - Determination of emissions to indoor air) within the framework of the European Construction Products Regulation (EU Regulation No 305/2011).

The horizontal notification concerning the assessment of the fire behaviour of floor coverings was issued years ago and is still up-to-date

Notification 0534.

Entitlement horizontal notification

These horizontal notifications entitle OETI to carry out tests in the areas of fire behaviour and emissions within the scope of all harmonized standards according to the Construction Products Regulation – without horizontal notification the test institutes would have to be approved by the EU for each product type – and thus enable a flexible and fast response to test requirements from manufacturers.

What does notified mean?

When a test laboratory is notified, a Member State informs the European Commission and the other Member States that a body that meets the requirements is designated for the implementation of certain conformity assessments under a European Regulation. All "Notified Bodies" are listed and published by the European Commission

EU Notified body main page

EU Notified body OETI

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