INSPECTED QUALITY labelINSPECTED QUALITY: new OETI quality label with uniform INSPECTED QUALITY guideline – applicable to different products

OETI has developed the new INSPECTED QUALITY label for you. With the INSPECTED QUALITY label we offer you a label for your products, services, production processes or production sites. INSPECTED QUALITY gives you as our customer the advantage of a flexible label that gives your business partners and consumers the safety of an INSPECTED QUALITY standard.

Our know-how – your needs: INSPECTED QUALITY
Based on our decade-long expertise as testing services provider and our commitment to quality (testing and certification based on both ecological and safety standards; utilization of state-of-the-art equipment; accredited testing and certification body) we have developed an INSPECTED QUALITY labelling guideline for products, services, processes or production sites.

With the INPECTED QUALITY label you prove to business partners and consumers that you fulfil the requirements set out in the INSPECTED QUALITY standard.

Label applicable to all of OETI’s business areas
One of our customers from the ecology department is “Moosburger KG”. The company is now entitled to label its horse hair matrasses, matrass pads and pillows with the INSPECTED QUALITY label.

However, the INSPECTED QUALITY label is not just used for the ecology department but can be obtained for all products, services, processes or production sites covering OETI’s two other business areas:

  • Flooring Technology and Interior Design
  • Textile Technology and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

The annual fee for using the label is Euro 100,-. There may be extra costs for product testing and audits depending on the product.

How can you tell that we are right for you?
Well it is because, we:

  • deliver reliable, high quality consulting, testing and certification services worldwide,
  • are independent, highly-skilled and customer-oriented,
  • offer comprehensive service and safety in the fields of ecology, textiles, flooring technology and interior materials with our team of specialists,
  • increase our customers' competitiveness.

If you want to prove to your business partners and consumers, that you fulfil the INSPECTED QUALITY requirements then use our INSPECTED QUALITY label and get in touch with us immediately!

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