OETI helps meet the challenges of the European flooring market. Here is an overview of what the OETI flooring technology department is testing for you


Thanks to our market expertise and the chair functions we hold in various standardization committees, we are ideally positioned to guide flooring producers through the challenges of the European flooring market. 

These challenges include requirements for:

  • CE certification
  • appropriate labelling, product declarations and regulatory changes
  • we help to interpret technical test reports in a way that makes them accessible to your customers and usable as marketing arguments.

We conduct a wide range of tests based on common EN, ISO and EN ISO standards.

The following tests are particularly important:

  • Tests for CE marking
  • Anti-slip properties
  • Fire behaviour
  • Odour, emissions and pollutants
  • Construction characteristics
  • Use classification and additional characteristics such as castor chair, staircase and underfloor heating suitability
  • Tests and assessments according to product
  • Standards EN 1307, EN ISO 10581, EN ISO 10582 and many more
  • Electrostatic behaviour

CE Marking
Emissionskammer ausschnitt

CE marking

As an accredited and notified test laboratory (NB 0534), we are allowed to perform all necessary tests for the awarding of CE marking for textile, resilient and laminate floor coverings according to EN 14041, and for parquet and wood floors according to EN 14342.

EU regulations (Construction Products‘ Regulations No. 305/2011) specify that the fire behaviour of construction products must be tested and classified by a notified body (NB).

OETI is such a notified body. Our NB number is 0534.


Fire behaviour

We check the fire behaviour of floorings in line with the following standards:

  • EN 13501-1
  • EN ISO 9239-1
  • EN ISO 11925-2


Anti-slip properties

In addition to the requirements for fire behaviour, various test standards and regulations are in place concerning the anti-slip properties of floorings sold in Europe. We offer:

  • dynamic coefficient of friction testing for textile, resilient and laminate floorings according to EN 13893, DIN 51131 and ÖNORM Z 1261
  • · the “ramp-test” (R-classes) according DIN 51130
  • · the “barefoot-test” according DIN 51097
RAdiant Panel test
ANti Slip properties

Emission testing

  • Emission tests for construction products to fulfill the requirements of CE marking of flooring products according to EN 14041 or EN 14342
  • Emission tests in accordance with the German AgBB scheme
  • EMICODE® tests for flooring installations, adhesives and construction products
  • Emission tests for textile floor coverings on the basis of GuT test criteria
  • Emission tests on the basis of eco-label criteria’s (Austrian Eco-label, Blue Angel, nature plus)
  • Emission tests in accordance with the French directive AFSSET/ANSES

         Indoor air measurement

  • Indoor air analysis: formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds, gaseous substances like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, ozone, nitric oxide,…
  • On site odour test
  • Fine dust measurements


If you have any questions about our comprehensive testing programme, please contact our flooring technology department at flooring@oeti.biz.

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