Customer information: OETI has launched a new certificate for eco-friendly and regionally produced natural fibre

INSPECTED QUALITY is a label which OETI has developed for products which are composed of 100% natural fibres, produced regionally and produced in an environmentally friendly way.
INSPECTED QUALITY is targeted at small- and medium-sized enterprises who want to illustrate the regional, eco-friendly and high quality character of their products.

Uniform criteria and product specific flexibility

With the INSPECTED QUALITY label products are certified against the clearly defined quality and environmental criteria of the INSPECTED QUALITY guideline.

“If a product carries the INSPECTED QUALITY label, consumers know that this product meets the requirements of a uniform guideline. At the same time the certification is flexible enough to be used to certify any type of 100% natural fibre product.” explains Helene Melnitzky, OETI‘s head of ecology department. “And this is the big advantage of this certification”, so Helene Melnitzky further.

OETI is proud of its first INSPECTED QUALITY customerMoosburger
Company “Moosburger KG” is the first customer to be awarded the INSPECTED QUALITY label.
The company is now entitled to label its horse hair matrasses, matrass pads, pillows, …with – 100% natural fibre - regionally produced – in an environmentally friendly production.

The fifth-generation Austrian family business is run by Christian Moosburger. All products are exclusively produced in Austria. The annual output of horse hair is 20 tons. Apart from its Austrian customer base the company exports to Germany, Switzerland, UK, Asia and the US.

Key advantage for customers

Company owner Christian Moosburger explains the certification’s key advantage: „With this certificate from an independent, third party supplier, our customers can be assured that our products are 100% eco-friendly starting with the washing process to the finished article. INSPECTED QUALITY only confirms to the public what our family has been living and breathing for decades anyway.

Environmentally friendly production

Enterprises must meet the clearly defined criteria set out in the INSPECTED QUALITY standard to be recognized as an environmentally friendly production site. The key to meeting the certification’s requirements is the implementation of an environmental and quality management system.

Helene Melnitzky


Helene Melnitzky
Head of ecology department
+43 699 16060817

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