OEKO-TEX® CertLink and Global Library: Linking your certificates and products or materials


Together with Texbase, OEKO-TEX® has created the OEKO-TEX® CertLink Platform and the OEKO-TEX® Global Library.

Die OEKO-TEX® CertLink Plattform

The OEKO-TEX® CertLink Platform enables OEKO-TEX® customers to link their products with certificates (STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, LEATHER STANDARD by OEKO-TEX®) or labels (MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX®):

  • materials, e.g. fabrics, facings or leather
  • finished products


The OEKO-TEX® Global Library

The OEKO-TEX® Global Library is a portal where companies, brands and retailers can find certified raw materials, components and leather.

Further information about the Platform and the Global Library can be found on the attached Factsheet or on the OEKO-TEX® CertLink Website.


Demand for your materials and finished products will increase

We are delighted by this opportunity because we are convinced that all OEKO-TEX® certificates will be hugely valuable within the supply chain – from materials/components to finished items. Our assumption is that this will increase retailer demand for your materials and/or finished products (e.g. Amazon).

With CertLink and the Global Library you can:

  • link item numbers or product numbers with certificates
  • simplify your communication and generate greater impact in the marketplace with your certified items and products
  • automate the sending of product certificates to online retailers
  • show photos of materials and components
  • increase your visibility in a global online library for brand-name companies and retailers searching for certified materials



Contact us!

Do you have any question about the OEKO-TEX® CertLink and the Global Library? Please contact your local OETI office.


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