In an interview with OETI, Henrik Schmidt Hansen, Group CSR Director for Ege Carpets A/S from Denmark, reports how he is driving the joint development of new products and improving the performance of existing products

1. What is your philosophy and strategy for producing quality products?

Our values are “Design for beauty – Strive for quality – Act with respect” in all this quality must be put in front. 

You cannot design for beauty or act with respect without also having the highest quality. This means that in all new products or changes in existing, we put quality first and here tests and reliable test results are essential.

2. How long have you been our customer for?

We have been a customer at OETI for longer than I have been employed by Ege Carpets, I have heard that it is for more than 40 years.

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3. Which product tests/certifications have you had carried out by OETI so far?

We are a carpet manufacturer and

  • all our classification tests according to EN 1307 are carried out by OETI.
  • Further all fire tests for CE marking according to EN 14041 is also performed by OETI.
  • Besides these, OETI is performing other relevant tests related to carpets.

4. What were the reasons for having your products tested / certified by OETI?

OETI is a professional testing laboratory with great knowledge within carpet tests. Due to this we can also use this knowledge when developing new products and better performance on already existing products.

4.a What were the advantages for you?

One of the advantages is that we can always have a constructive feedback on the performed tests which can be used to improve our products.


5. Were there any challenges in getting your products tested/ certified? What were they? How were you supported by OETI to solve them?

We use OETI for:

  • all tests related to EN1307 and 
  • for EN 14041 

and for all these tests there is  a 

  • very fine communication and feedback. 
  • When asking for a timeline we always get a realistic time and 
  • if there are any complications, OETI always contacts us with constructive feedback.

6. How do you comment on your experience in working with OETI?

Our experience is that OETI is a very professional partner:

  •  They have great knowledge in carpets and carpet construction, which gives us confidence when getting the result; it is always handled professionally
  •  If we have any questions related to standards or tests, we can always consult OETI for a constructive dialogue.

Ege carpets 2

1. Company Information

·Name: Ege Carpets A/S

· Country: Denmark

· Webpage: www.egecarpets.com

2. Further details:

· Products: Carpet production

· Location:s 4 production sites in Denmark and yarn production in Lithuania

· number of employees: 610

3.  Facility size and type:

o Herning Nord, carpet production and administration (Headquarter) 60.000m2

o Herning South, carpet production 17.000 m2

o Gram, carpet production 27.000 m2

o Røjle, carpet production 7.500 m2

o Litspin Lithuania, yarn production 10.500 m2


For questions concerning the CE marking of textile, elastic and laminate flooring (especially with regard to fire tests EN ISO 9239-1, EN ISO 11925-2 and classification according to EN 13501-1) as well as for all other aspects of flooring technology, please contact our flooring technology department via email at flooring@oeti.biz.

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