Anniversary customer success stories on the OETI website and Linkedin - Kicking off with:
Over 40 years of partnership with EGE CARPETS A/S

On the occasion of our 55th birthday (founded on 25 September 1967), we interviewed long-time and loyal OETI customers about their success stories using a special anniversary questionnaire. We will publish these interviews at regular intervals on our website and Linkedin social media account.

We start with Danish company EGE CARPETS A/S, which has been an OETI customer for over 40 years. We interviewed Henrik Schmidt Hansen, Quality & Environmental Director at EGE CARPETS A/S.

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1. Since when have you been an OETI customer?

We have been a customer of OETI’s for more than 40 years.

2. Can you remember how you found out about us / our tests / our certifications? Can you remember why you decided to work with us?

We decided to work with OETI due to the professionalism, experience and various test possibilities within the carpet industry.

3. Have other OETI product test groups, certificates and labels been added since then? If yes, which ones?

Latest we have moved all our tests related to CE marking to OETI. This is very beneficial for us because they know all our products and take care of grouping and further information for certification.


4. Do you remember any highlights in your decades of testing/ certification history with OETI?

From 2020 to 2022 we had a total reorganisation of our production sites and product identification, which means that all products needed new testing and certification – this has been a nightmare but by and in cooperation with OETI we were able to solve this to perfection.

5. Why would you recommend OETI and working with us to other companies?
Whenever we have any challenges or just questions regarding carpet testing, the staff at OETI always deliver a professional service with quick answers. All testing is always performed according to expectations and within the agreed time frame.

Today and the outlook

6. What advantages do you see in carrying out tests/ certifications/ labels with us?
As described above we appreciate the cooperation with OETI, they always deliver with expected professionalism and perfection. After having received the test results, we are assured that the quality of our products fulfil all standard requirements and our own quality goals.

7. How do you assess your future cooperation with OETI? What do you wish for?

We hope that OETI will keep their high standards regarding testing and will maintain their excellent market-knowledge of carpet-testing and certification so that we can use OETI as our external expert when we have questions related to tests and standards.

Your company

8. What are your philosophy and strategy for the production of your products?

Our philosophy is to be the best performing carpet manufacturer when it comes to sustainability, design and quality. This means that we constantly have to develop new products and use new sustainable materials in our products and be able to rely on good quality testing.

9. Company information:

Name: Ege Carpets A/S

Land/ Country: Denmark

Webpage: www.egecarpets.com

Weitere Details/ Further details:

Standorte / Sites: 4 in Denmark and 1 Spinning Mill in Lituania.

Anzahl der Mitarbeiter / Number of staff: App. 750 worldwide

Größe und Art der Anlage / Size and type of plant: Carpet Mills of in total 135.000 m2

Produkte / products: Carpets

EGE CARPETS Imagepicture
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