CO2 und Wasser-Fußabdruck-Tool ab 2022 für STeP und MADE IN GREEN-Kund*innen

New CO₂ and water footprint tool for STeP and MADE IN GREEN customers starting in 2022


STeP by OEKO-TEX® is now offering an online tool for calculating your ecological footprint for carbon dioxide (CO₂) and water consumption. At the end of 2021, it will be optionally available to all STeP-certified companies. 

Measuring, analysing and reducing CO₂ emissions and water consumption

The new tool offers your production plant the opportunity to measure, analyse and reduce production-related carbon dioxide emissions and water consumption. 

Together with sector experts, OEKO-TEX® has identified and categorised over 100 important production processes and their corresponding inputs and outputs. They form the basis for the footprint calculations. The selected method is a life cycle assessment screening, as it is simpler, quicker and more cost-effective than implementing a full life cycle assessment, yet gives a sufficiently credible first insight into the areas of your production plant with the greatest environmental impacts. 

The CO₂ and water footprint tool currently considers the period from ‘cradle to gate’. This means that a product is only assessed internally, i.e. before it passes to the consumer. In this way, usage and disposal phases can be distinguished and future updates and improvements can be adopted relatively easily and quickly.

‘The methodology of the tool offers a tailored approach, which considers the specific needs and processes of production plants in the textile industry,’ explains Helene Melnitzky, Head of Ecology at OETI.


What benefits does this tool offer to OETI customers?

  • It provides an overview of the production-related CO₂ emissions and water consumption. It identifies the processes with the greatest environmental impact.
  • As a result, measures can be adopted to reduce CO₂ emissions and water consumption.
  • In turn, the findings and improvement measures can be communicated to your customers, thus strengthening your competitiveness and their trust in your company.
CO2 und Wasser-Fußabdruck-Tool ab 2022 für STeP und MADE IN GREEN-Kund*innen

If you have questions about the new OEKO-TEX® CO₂ and water footprint tool, please contact your local office.

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