OETI customer f.a.n. frankenstolz: Commitment to sustainability with STeP and MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX®

STeP und MADE IN GREEN Firma Frankenstolz

1. What are your philosophy and strategy for sustainable production?
We strive to develop sustainable products with the corresponding recycling loops. In this area, we focus on the following topics: Recyclable packaging materials, minimising safety and environmental risks, and employees aware of their responsibilities with regard to envi-ronmental protection and resource conservation. In the medium to long term, we are aiming for mattress returns and a subsequent recycling process. All the mentioned points are part of the management strategy and are pursued with corresponding project plans.


2. What are your reasons for becoming STeP by OEKO-TEX® certified?

What are the advantages for you? 

We are convinced that with STeP for our company and for the Herbert Neumeyer Group we have achieved authoritative certification in terms of implementing environmentally friendly production processes, optimal health protection and socially acceptable working conditions. The normative document is much more than just a guideline. It covers the entire company and is a blueprint for the daily review of our processes and our orientation for the future. 

What are the benefits for you?

The benefits lie in the structure of the certification, the individual modules and the well-prepared and in-formative documentation. At the same time it is the basis for open and credible communication of our commitment to sustainable production conditions for both our customers and our employees.

3. What were the challenges in getting your facilities STeP by OEKO-TEX® certified?
The initial challenges were the balance between the individual modules and the existing processes and descriptions in the company. The second step was preparing the documents, informing the employees and adjusting procedures and their documentation.

What were your impressions of implementing the STeP certification process?
From our point of view, we discovered new perspectives in the course of implementation, considered the company in a new way and implemented a fundamental goal together with our employees. The quick responses to our questions and systematic support from OETI were very helpful.


Regarding the individual modules, in which of them were you already well positioned; and in which modules did you have work to do?

The topics of social responsibility and occupational safety have been highly valued in the company for many years and reflect the high standards of the company culture. We are already well-positioned in these modules.

The STeP certification brought the topic of environmental management into sharper focus for the company. This topic is part of the management strategy and will continue to be promoted.

4. Please cite some examples of the best practices being adopted in your facilities for better chemicals’ management ?

In this area, we would like to highlight the hazardous substances register, which is used for all Frankenstolz factories according to an identical scheme. The hazardous substances reg-ister is managed centrally and represents a good example of best practice.

5. How do you comment on STeP by OEKO-TEX® compared to other industry assessment tools?
The advantage of STeP certification lies in the holistic view of the company. The modules are compre-hensive, connective and include several management certification systems under one holistic approach.

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6. Why did you decide on implementing the MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX® label?
The Herbert Neumeyer Group with its legal unities, production sites and various product portfolios has been looking for a holistic certification system and has found the right partner with STeP. MADE IN GREEN is the logical extension to product certification.

7. Why would you recommend getting MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX®? What are your main advantages??
The combination of teaching and methodology combined with the certification of products and supply chains.

8. In 2-3 sentences: What does it mean to you and your company, that your product(s) are of-ficially MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX® certified?

We hope that with the MADE IN GREEN label for our products, we are making a contribution within the sector for the benefit of customers towards a focus on sustainability. This includes the communication aspect, satisfying the meaning of sustainability.

STANDARD 100 recycled by OEKO-TEX®

9. What are your reasons for using recycled materials for your products?

To actively meet the economic, social and eco-political responsibilities of the Herbert Neumeyer Group.

10. Which advantages do you see in getting STANDARD 100 recycled by OEKO-TEX® certified?

We view the STANDARD 100 recycled by OEKO-TEX® certification as confirmation that production in our factories is resource-efficient and environmental topics like saving energy and avoiding waste are transparently communicated to the end consumer.

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11. What innovative technologies are installed in your facilities to enhance production efficien-cy, save resources, reduce consumption, encourage circularity, and reduce costs? Do you set any reduction target for your facilities?  

All stitching lines are equipped with technologies that allow us to use a smaller fabric width. The cutting and stitching process takes place directly on the stitching machine. This technology enables us to use smaller fabric widths. Furthermore, the cuttings that arise during production are downcycled or reintroduced into the product in an internal recycling process. We are permanently striving to reduce the cuttings rate and to optimise all internal and ex-ternal logistics processes. 

12How do you comment on your experience in working with OETI in this STeP by OEKO-TEX® certification and MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX® label?

We had very positive experiences within this collaboration. f.a.n. frankenstolz has already been working with OETI with great success for over two decades. We believe that in the common ground of our constructive dialogue, we have not only shaped the exchange of in-formation but have also achieved positive work results.

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Name: fan frankenstolz Schlafkomfort H. Neumeyer gmbh & co.KG
Country: Germany




For questions about STeP certification and the MADE IN GREEN label, please contact your local office: OETI international subsidiaries

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