OEKO-TEX® new regulations in 2021:MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX®

Integration of the carbon and water footprint into MADE IN GREEN label. 

“OEKO-TEX® aims to provide customers and partners with the best possible services and certifications. For this reason, the test criteria for OEKO-TEX® standards are updated at least once a year based on new scientific information or statutory requirements. 

New regulations regarding MADE IN GREEN concern these areas:

  • New regulations for MADE IN GREEN article components
  • Requirements for article name and description
  • MADE IN GREEN Label Check on oeko-tex.com
  • New implementation examples of the MADE IN GREEN criteria with regard to STeP certifications in MADE IN GREEN standard, annex 4 (as of 01.04.21)

A special project in 2021 

A special project in 2021 will be the integration of the carbon and water footprint into our MADE IN GREEN label. “, explains Secretary General Georg Dieners

OEKO-TEX®'s objective for 2021 is the systemic integration of the carbon and water footprint into the MADE IN GREEN label. This will enable consumers to find out directly, by scanning the label of each product, what impact the manufacture of the respective article has on our ecosystem. In order to evaluate the feasibility and examine how the carbon and water footprint can be incorporated as an integral part of the OEKO-TEX® portfolio, OEKO-TEX® has launched a pilot project at the end of 2019 in cooperation with CALIDA, a globally active supplier of underwear and nightwear clothing, and Quantis, a leading international sustainability company known for their metrics-based approach to sustainability. The intention behind product labels is to guide consumers towards products with transparent information on their supply chain and produced by technologies with low environmental impacts. 

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