OEKO-TEX® website redesign and „myOEKO-TEX“ platform for customer log in


Dear customers! We are happy to announce, that OEKO-TEX® has redesigned their website - www.oeko-tex.com - and now offers a new „myOEKO-TEX“ platform for all certifications and applications. The platform can be accessed directly with the URL my.oeko-tex.com/

Customers with an existing login to the old website will have their information maintained and moved to the myOEKO-TEX platform.

Within the new platform you will be able to manage your company profile as well as your certified products, add your suppliers & requests and have insight into your current labels and certifications. You will be able to download labels from valid certificates as well as apply for new certificates.

Madeingreen.com no longer exists

Please note that www.madeingreen.com no longer exists and will redirect you to the new OEKO-TEX® website. The traceability of the supply chain can now be found under the label validity check. The MADE IN GREEN dashboard has been moved to the myOEKO-TEX platform and has undergone some structural changes but will functionally stay the same.

MySTeP renamed

MySTeP has been renamed and now exists as two separate tabs on the myOEKO-TEX platform:
- Suppliers & Requests
- Statistic

If you are having issues navigating the myOEKO-TEX platform or require assistance with an application please contact your country's OETI team. We will be happy to help you with our new assist function.

OEKO-TEX customer login
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